Copa Cabana 5V5 tournament news

U.S. Soccer has grown phenomenally over the past decade to become a serious contender globally, and with the 5-a-side format being the breeding ground worldwide for youth development, it is of utmost importance to get your players and teams of to a great start by participating in the Copa Cabana5V5 tournaments

Having started across the pond in the U.K., five-a-side soccer is a variation of the world’s favorite sport. It has since made its way stateside, with local kids and amateur players gravitating towards this version of soccer for its many positive attributes. Good news—you no longer have to recruit eleven players to complete your team but its benefits extend beyond that to player development.

Because of the small team size, each player gets more time with the ball—providing them ample time to learn and execute offensive and defensive techniques in a rather fast paced game. For youth players, the benefits of small games like these are endless. Just look at the captain of Manchester United and England National Team, Wayne Rooney. Rooney started playing soccer by participating in small, local games.

The benefit of small sided games are;

  • More involvement in the game
  • Increases contact with the ball
  • Greater opportunity to solve problems
  • Increased scoring opportunities
  • Increased goalkeeper saving opportunities
  • Provides more enjoyment of the game

If you are a more casual amateur player or an aspiring highly competitive player, 5-a-side soccer is the perfect fit for you—why not create a team and join the fastest growing sport in America and be a part of the game instead of watching from the sidelines?